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G & F Companies is proud to manufacture stunning Horse-drawn Vehicles right here in the USA!

  • Cinderella Carriages
  • Concord Stagecoaches
  • Versatile Wagons

Please find our Stock Information, Videos and available Options below.  Prices are Subject to Change.


Cinderella Carriages

G&F Cinderella Carriages For Sale

Available in White, Pink & Gold!

These coaches will fit in most Vis-a-Vis trailers.  They are built one at a time with superior workmanship and attention to detail.

PRICE: $12,500.00 – Customer handles Shipping


Concord Stagecoaches


Full Size replica Concord Stagecoaches!

In the early days, Stagecoaches were used like buses today.  In the East, seats were added on top for shuttling passengers, Coaches traveling out West used the top to hold the luggage.  This Coach combines the vintage look, with modern safety features.  Dual wheels are added for safety.  Wider wheels give you more brake, more stability, and makes it easier for driving off-road.

  • Steel Wheels
  • 2 Wheel Drum Brakes
  • Hand Brake
  • Steel Running Gears
  • Wheels & Running Gears are powder-coated
  • GVW on 2 axles combined is 7000#
  • Coach weighs 2950#
  • 2″ axles
  • 60″ back wheels
  • 43″ front wheels

PRICE:  $29,500.00 – Customer handles Shipping

G&F Stagecoach Interior


Double Wheel  – per wheel
Chuck Box
Top seats
Top rail for seats
2 Wheel Drum Brakes (back)
4 Wheel Drum Brakes
RV Battery
Side Lanterns

Rope lights inside


$ 300.00
$ 850.00
$ 450.00
$ 200.00
$ 400.00
$ 650.00
$ 150.00
$ 395.00

$ 150.00


Versatile Wagons

G&F Versatile Wagons for Sale

The Basic Wagon

The most versatile vehicle you can find, they are built one at a time with superior workmanship and attention to detail.

Start with the Basic Wagon Body, and we can customize it however you like.  It can be made into a Caisson, Hitch Wagon, Wagonette, or Hearse.  It can have rubber tires, steel carriage wheels, or sled runners.  We can add seats, driver and passenger top, removable steps, and handicap ramps on the back too!

  • Interchangeable steel wheels or rubber tires
  • Disk brakes
  • 4000# GVW wheels & axles
  • Steps come off and a ramp can be added for handicap use.
  • 30″ between seats for wheel chairs.


Basic Wagon


With Steel Wheels
Used Wheels/rubber tires
Bolt on Sled Runners
Wagonette Seats
Wagonette Top 

Driver’s Top
$ 6,200.00 
$ 5,064.00
$ 4,300.00
$ 150.00 – per runner
$ 875.00 

$ 750.00 
$ 250.00
Basic Wagon
Hearse Top
Wagonette Top
Wagonette Seats 
Drivers Top
$ 350.00
$ 400.00 
$ 50.00
$ 250.00
$ 50.00
$ 280.00